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Who pays for what : bridesmaids addition!

No doubt that you will have chosen your bridesmaids based on friendship and helpfulness, and although it is an honour to be chosen it can be a big responsibility, financial or otherwise.

Your bridesmaids will be doing a lot to support you already, and as tough as it is to talk about costs, it is a must.

Establish from the beginning what they are responsible for, and what you’ll be covering – then hopefully there will be no awkward arguments on the lead up to your wedding!

What They Should Pay For

-The bridesmaid’s shoes and jewellery are their responsibility (but consider giving their jewellery to them as a gift on the day!)

-Hen party costs are also up to the bridal party – although they can split this between them and still give you the best pre-wedding party of your life!

-Accommodation on the night of the wedding is the duty of your bridesmaids to organise and pay for. However, you could help them out by booking a block of rooms at a discount price, or if your venue is far away, you could arrange a large group of you to travel together to cut down the cost.

-If your bridesmaid chooses to give you a wedding gift (and they may not as they’ve already spent a lot of money and effort on your wedding) the cost is up to them. It may only be something small, but it will be a lovely keepsake of them accompanying you on your big day.

What you Should Pay For

-The dresses. As this is a mandatory item of clothing that most bridesmaids don't get to choose, this should be covered by you.

-Any floral accessories and the bouquets being held by the bridesmaids. (Don’t forget about any extras, like corsages too!)

-If you choose to have your bridal party stay with you in your hotel suite or venue on the eve of your wedding, that is your responsibility and should cover the cost of this.

-Transportation on your wedding day is also up to the bride and her family to pay for. Your bridesmaids will have enough to think about on the day, so do them a favour and arrange how they’ll get from dressing room to altar and altar to reception. Getting home from the evening reception or to their chosen accommodation is for your bridesmaids to organise themselves.

It's up to you

-Hair and makeup is a tricky one. If you’re not that fussed, let them do their own hair and makeup to save costs (they will look stunning anyway!) – but if you specifically want a glamorous look for your bridesmaids, you will have to pay for this. Alternatively, if your bridesmaid is having a diva tantrum and wants to hire a professional without you requesting this, let them cover the cost – or you could split the bill in goodwill to keep them sweet. A sneaky tip to save the hassle of deciding this altogether is to find a friend or family member who has makeup or hair experience and ask them to do it on the day as a favour to you.

Good luck with organising your bridemaids! Top tip - choose a maid of honour who is responsible and organised!

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