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We recently collaborated with Daniella at Magpie Event Planning to bring you this post about themed weddings! If you are planning to have a themed wedding then definitely give this a read!

What IS a theme wedding?

All weddings have a theme, that is without question – whether it be a colour scheme or table names however Magpie Event Planning would like to break the stigma that “theme wedding” must be subtle or it’s tacky.

Theme means a unifying image and this really can be so tastefully done and

without regret. I, myself had a Halloween and rock music themed wedding and I still receive compliments on how personal our wedding was to us as a couple however I promise that there was no pound shop plastic toys!

Now, to choose a theme!

Did you and your partner meet in a memorable way or place? Is there something that bonds your relationship without question? Did you get engaged somewhere unusual and you’d like to incorporate this?

There is a vast range of ways to decide on a theme and in all honesty only the two of you will be able to choose it, once this has been decided we will look at the touches we will include throughout your wedding.

Dressing your theme

Save the dates, and invites will set the tone for your wedding, this can be designed to incorporate your theme through font, wording or literal images of the theme you’ve settled on, let’s suggest at the moment a J R R Tolkien themed wedding! Aged paper, memorable font and imagery will introduce the theme.

As already mentioned table names are a clear way to include your theme, Table names could be “Frodo”, “Bilbo” and “Gandalf” and then each individual table could be dressed in a style to suit each character. This will give your guests something to draw their attention to on different tables, can be

an ice breaker for guests who may not know each other and gives your imagination room to run free.

Your signage will be able to follow the same trend as your imagery to keep the theme consistent throughout your wedding. If you contact a local wedding supplier they will absolutely be able to keep the same tone throughout your stationery, very important to keep your unifying image.

Cake! Oh, I’ll tell you all a secret now…there are some incredible cake artists available and with a strong brief at the time of booking I am confident that you’ll never feel disappointed with your cake. Could you imagine a cake with several tiers named after the Lord of the Rings books? With the right cake artist to suit your area and budget it would be perfection.


There’s always the option to take the theme further and include it in your own clothing! I was determined to dress as Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and Mr Magpie as Jack Skellington although I am pleased that my husband had his own image in mind because it did suit our day much better. Although for yourselves it could be the best opportunity for example especially if you’re keen


Themes really are so much fun and can be so reflective of couple’s own personalities, if you’re toying with the option then take it! You won’t regret it and will really enjoy the planning process.

Thank you so much for your input Daniella! Hopefully we will see more of Magpie Event Planning very soon!

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