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12 Different Hen Party Ideas...

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Planning a hen party is generally the maid of honour's job. It can be a lot of stress, especially as most bridal parties build it up to be something spectacular and living up to the pressure can be difficult! Now ladies, we all love the typical cocktails & clubbing bash but I find that doing something more creative will definitely be more fun and more memorable! Have no fear, as below we have listed 12 ideas for you think about to totally surprise the bride and your guests!

1. Roller Disco

Rollerskating is great fun and really gives everyone a chance to let loose! Many cities have regular roller discos where you can go along, grab some skates, boogie to the disco music, marvel at the flashing lights and drink a few cocktails (although you might want to leave the cocktails until later on to avoid injuries!)

2. Flirt Lessons

We know, it sounds strange. But an extremely popular new idea is to have 'flirt lessons'. Hire a professional to come and teach your guests how to flirt, it's a great ice-breaker and a chance for everyone to get to know each other. You will all be in fits of giggles by the end of the class!

3. Pole Dancing

A lot of people have common misconceptions about pole dancing, it doesn't have to be all about taking your clothes off! Booking a pole dancing lesson is a great way for your guests to get comfortable with their bodies and realise how strong they are. Whether you are falling off the pole or gracefully spinning around it, it's sure to be an experience that nobody will forget!

4. Ladies Night

'Ladies Night' is just a different way of saying 'shirtless men'! Whether you go for a butler in the buff, a charity ladies night or a full on Dream-Boys show (these usually have cocktails and V.I.P club entry included) then you are sure to see some skin! Maybe kick off the evening with pre-drinks at home and watch the film 'Magic Mike' to prepare yourselves!

5. Aerial Hoop/Silks

Aerial hoop and silks are another great way to try something challenging. It's a great way to get your bridesmaids closer as they support each other hanging in the air! Aerial hoop and silks may be more comfortable for your guests as they can generally keep most of their clothes on! In fact, especially for hoop, the thicker the leggings the better!

6. Nude Life Drawing

Now this activity can be a great giggle! Trying to keep a straight face if you have never done a life drawing class is not an easy thing, especially when you are surrounded by your closest friends who are all trying to hold in their laughter!

7. Lip Sync Battle

We've all seen the smash hit TV show where celebs take it in turns to lip sync and perform to a classic song, well now it's your turn! Similar to karaoke but better for those who don't want to sing, lip sync battle is a great way to live out all of your super star fantasies! Whether you want to battle in groups or individually, it's a great bonding experience and you're sure to have a few laughs!

8. Glamping

Who doesn't love the idea of sitting around a camp fire roasting marshmallows?! Well glamping is great for bachelorette parties as you get all the fun of camping...but with more comfort. Instead of a sleeping bag on the cold hard floor you will stay in a tepee style tent with beds, some even have storage space and showers! With this idea you will get the best of both worlds.

9. Outdoor Activities

Now some people see this as a very masculine thing to do, but in our opinion there is nothing more fun than running around in the mud with your friends. From paint balling to quad biking, there are so many great outdoor activities that you can try! Most places tend to offer a few that you can do in the same place on the same day.

10. Recording Session

If you have an outgoing and loud group then this is always a good option. Not only can you have loads of fun recording a song, but you will also get a copy to keep which is something you can drag out on special occasions to embarrass each other with!

11. Chocolate Making

Chocolate...I don't really need to say much more! If you have a typical group of girls then they will undoubtedly love chocolate, we know we do! This is a great bonding experience and you'll really get to see who the chocoholic of the group is!

12. Burlesque Show

Burlesque shows are extremely entertaining and always a laugh! They usually have a comedic host who will guide you through the show. It's a great way to help your group feel some female power! You can even dress up and have a laugh along with the performers.

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