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10 Tips for arranging a Funeral...

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Funeral planning is something that not many people like to talk about, which is understandable. So we're not going to waffle on about it, just read below some tips that will hopefully make the process a bit easier.

1. Take your time - don't panic, there’s no need to be rushed into any decisions. Make sure that you slow things down and allow yourself to take stock of what has happened and take everything in. It can be tempting just to want to get things over with quickly, but just take a step back and think about your decisions without being hasty.

2. Don't lose the love - carry on caring for the person who has passed away and take time to say goodbye. Make sure you remember the reason for planning the funeral in the first place.

3. Remember what matters - you don’t want to waste money on things that don’t matter; concentrate on what really counts and what you think they would have wanted.

4. Get everyone involved -sing songs at the funeral to help people to join in with the ceremony; ask someone to lead the singing. Make sure they are songs that everybody will know but that were also important to your loved one.

5. Keep it simple - keep things simple and natural, this can bring beautiful results and can highlight the importance of small individual things. It also means less planning ans stress for you so you can really focus on saying goodbye.

6. Don't struggle alone - ask for and accept help, many people would love to help, so give them a chance to do so.

7. Readings - consider poems and song extracts, they can often put into words what we find hard to say.

8. Get involved - don’t be a spectator; bear the coffin, decide on music, poems, and memories for the service. You deserve to be involved after putting in the effort of planning.

9. Make it personal – include a favourite perfume or flower, photographs or paintings, vehicle, sport, club or hobby – take the children and the dog too. A great way to say goodbye is a photo/video slide show that can be played during the service.

10. Start now – Don’t wait until it’s hard to talk about it; write down your latest thoughts and make sure your loved ones know what you would like at your funeral. It will help them massively in the long run.

Remember...funerals are a celebration of life.

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