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10 Great Themes for Adult Birthday Parties...

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

We all know that kids love have themed birthday parties. From spider-man to my little pony there are so many options to choose from!

Some people think that having a themed party for an adult just isn't 'cool' anymore, well I'm here to tell you that it's simply not true!

A theme not only helps people know what to dress, but it also gives you lots of exciting options for decorations, entertainment and all the other bits and bobs.

1. Great Gatsby

The easiest way to tell you how to throw a Gatsby themed party is to watch the film 'The Great Gatsby' a copy exactly what he does when he throws his own! The is a dazzling theme that will allow your guests to dress in something that would never usually wear and feel absolutely fabulous!

From flapper girls doing the charlston to fancy vintage cars, pop open the champagne for a truly sophisticated evening.

The main colours used in this theme are gold, silver, black and white. Don't forget the glitter, sequins and feathers!

2. Masquerade

If you would like to add some mystery and romance to your party theme then this is definitely a good option. Ask your guests to find a mask and plan their outfit around it, lots of glitter and bright colours should be involved although black also makes an extremely mysterious outfit choice!

Masquerade decorations usually include masks, music notes and fairy lights.

Good colours to use in your decorations are pink, purple, blue, green and of course gold

3. 007

A James Bond themed party always goes down well. The men scrub up in black suits and bow ties, whilst the ladies can dress to impress in evening gowns.

Decorations should include a red carpet, playing cards and silhouettes.

Theme must haves at a 007 party are cocktails and a casino table, if you have these then your guests will feel like secret agents!

The main colours for this theme are black, white and red.

4. Alice In Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland really gives you a wide variety of options! Whether you want to go for the slightly darker side of wonderland with an indoor evening party or the lighter side of wonderland with an outdoor afternoon tea, this theme is sure to inspire to creativity from your guests!

Bright colours are definitely a must with this theme, the crazier the outfit the better!

Decorations for this theme include tea pots, cups & saucers, playing cards, clocks, flamingos and giant flowers. Make sure you include pictures of the famous characters, most importantly Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit.

Make sure you serve jam tarts and tea and as option!

Anything goes colour wise for this theme!

5. Carnival

This is another theme with plenty of sparkle attached! Carnivals are famous for being big, bold, loud and fun! This theme is great if you have a tent or marquee to use, although it also looks great indoors and outdoors.

Decoration wise make sure you include lots of big bright lights and flag bunting.

Using this theme allows you to have plenty of entertainment choices, from games stalls to gymnasts, stilt walkers and fire eaters!

Make sure you serve lots of sweet treats including giant lollipops, popcorn, candy apples and candy floss.

The main colours for this theme are red, white, blue and yellow. With of course gold sparkle added on top!

6. Nautical

This is a particularly cute theme, great for a more relaxed atmosphere or a daytime party.

With adorable boat shaped cupcakes, seafood canapes and scones with Cornish cream every palette will be catered for. Ask your guests to dress in blue and white sundress and suits with sailors hats.

Decorations for this theme include ships and boats, sailors rope, sea shells and starfish, seahorses and pebbles.

Colours for this theme are red, white and blue. (with the occasional bit of yellow thrown in)

7. Best Of British

Britain is always a great option for a themed party, you can go for a sophisticated afternoon tea or a cheesy evening bash!

With costume choices of Mary Poppins, soldiers, the Spice Girls, the Queen herself and beyond!

Decorations include British flags, red phone boxes, underground signs, soldiers, taxis and crowns.

Colours include red, white and blue. (of course!)

Don't forget the fish and chips!

8. Red Carpet

Having a red carpet party is definitely a good excuse to dress up in your finest clothes! Ask your guests to 'dress to impress' in suits and long gowns.

This party should feel like a big Hollywood awards show, hire a photographer to take pictures of your guests as they arrive against a backdrop and of course make sure there is a red carpet when they arrive!

This is definitely a glasses of bubbly and canapes kind of theme so keep it nice and simple but sophisticated at the same time.

Decorations could include red carpet (obviously!), awards trophies, big stars (on the ground looks great like Hollywood Boulevard), movie action clapper boards, awards trophies, celebrity cut outs and movie tickets.

Main colours for this theme are red, black, gold & silver.

9. 80's

80's theme parties have now become a classic party theme and it's not surprising! I mean who doesn't love Bon Jovi, leotards and rubix cubes?!

Ask your guests to wear bright colours, leaotards, tights, leg warmers and beaded necklaces are great for the women while brightly coloured harem pants and sunglasses work well for the men.

Decoration wise you want to see lots of boom boxes, tapes, roller skates and rubix cubes.

Also think about donning some roller skates for your party, they are great fun and authentic 80's gear!

Great colours for this theme are neon pink, yellow, green, orange and purple.

10. Murder Mystery

Murder mystery parties are great if you are looking to do something for a smaller group.

You can give your guests invitations with their character written on so that they have to come dressed as a certain person, or you can let a company stage the whole thing for you.

This theme is great because you can choose any era!

Decoration wise think of Cluedo; you want magnifying glasses, inspector's gadgets and maybe even some wanted posters.

Colours for this theme vary depending on your era, although nothing too bright and it's supposed to be kind of creepy...

Good luck planning your party, I'm sure your theme will be fabulous!

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