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10 different tracks for your unique wedding

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Let's just get this straight...We love Whitney Houston and we can't get enough of Thinking Out Loud by the wonderfully talented Ed Sheeran. However if you're wanting to steer clear of the most overplayed wedding songs (I Will Always Love You will forever be a classic) then you'll need to branch out and listen to a few different options.

Below is a small list of only ten songs that we would recommend to make your wedding a tad more unique, whatever your taste we're sure there will be something in the list for you!

At the very least, this list should help you broaden your search for something different to play on your big day!

1. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Used in a lot of film and television soundtracks, this song is a gorgeous mix of pretty and emotional. Definitely one to keep in mind for your ceremony, whether it be walking down the aisle or signing the register.

2. Michelle Featherstone - Man & Wife

This is the perfect marriage song, understated and not too much but it perfectly describes the feeling of being husband & wife. Another song that is great for your ceremony, I would recommend this one for walking down the aisle!

3. Gavin Degraw - More Than Anyone

This is a powerful and raw song that in my opinion is fantastic for your first dance. Gavin Degraw is definitely not shy about his feelings and this song will definitely communicate to your guests how much you love each other!

4. Ray Lamontagne - You Are The Best Thing

Slightly more upbeat, this song really brings out the joy in people and is so diverse that you can fit it in almost anywhere in your big day!

5. Ed Sheeran - Tenerife Sea

Look, we all love 'Thinking Out Loud' but this song is a different offering from the ever popular Ed Sheeran. Gentle and emotional, this song is sure to get some tears flowing!

6. City & Colour - The Girl

A sweet acoustic song, this one is perfect for during your ceremony. It has a lovely calming quality to it that won't distract your audience from what's going on in front of them.

7. Ryan Adams - Wonderwall

I wasn't sure that it was possible for a cover to better than the original...but with this one I am completely torn! It's a new take on a classic that everybody knows, what's not to love!

8. Switchfoot - Dare You To Move

As a christian rock/pop group, this song is great for those who don't want to get married in a church but would like some kind of spiritual meaning in their ceremony. This song is slightly more on the rocky side so it's definitely different!

9. Shaggy - Angel

Now you might laugh at this one...but if you're looking for something unique then this definitely ticks the box! If you're up for a laugh and want to add a bit of humor to your wedding then definitely have a listen. I would recommend this song for your first dance.

10. Birdy - Wings

This song is powerful and full of emotion, it also has a great acoustic version! Used a lot in television and film, this song has the potential to create an immense atmosphere. This is a great song to play whilst your guests are waiting for the ceremony to start.

Well we hope that this list gave you some ideas to help you out musically at your wedding! There will definitely be more posts like this to come!

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